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Our Mission

We are a unified people who believe in the power of cannabis. We advocate for inclusive business opportunities, foster resources and connections, and campaign for the advancement of our diverse community.

Cannabis health insider

Whether it be energy, knowledge, or opportunity, we recognize you can get everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

Humility and Pride

No one ever said, “I love that person with the big ego”…try to keep yours in check and if you mess up, just say it so we can move on.

Rolling Together

Cannabis has brought folks together for years, oftentimes from many different backgrounds, beliefs, colors, genders and ages; we want to keep that rolling. We encourage building partnerships with those different from your regular crew.

Enjoy the Ride

We’re lucky to have the opportunity to be at the forefront of legalization…enjoy it, but learn from it and improve it for the next person coming into this space.

What is the Chamber of Cannabis?

The Chamber of Cannabis is a non-profit organization designed to unite cannabis industry professionals who strive to build a more inclusive industry. We focus on strengthening commerce, improving justice, and positively impacting the cannabis community so that we may lead the state and nation in best practices. The Chamber provides opportunities to connect, share resources, and collaborate with other like minded folks.

Who Are Chamber Members?

Chamber members are individuals, businesses, and organizations, who believe in the power of cannabis and have a strong desire to help shape the industry and community.

What Are the Objectives of the Chamber?

  • Help individuals and businesses collaborate and grow
  • Work with political leaders and regulators on inclusive commerce opportunities
  • Change regulations through legislation, lobbying, and advocacy 
  • Increase and develop the talent pool of skilled leaders 
  • Collaborate with cannabis businesses and community organizations who align with our mission

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