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The Chamber of Cannabis is a non-profit organization designed to unite cannabis industry professionals who strive to build a more inclusive industry. We focus on strengthening commerce, improving justice, and positively impacting the cannabis community so that we may lead the state and nation in best practices. The Chamber provides opportunities to connect, share resources, and collaborate with other like minded folks. 

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Who We Serve

Chamber members are individuals, businesses, and organizations, who believe in the power of cannabis and have a strong desire to help shape the industry and community.


We work to improve commerce, justice, and the community.

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Talent Development

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Our Board

Tina Ulman


Dani Baranowski

Vice President

Ashely Ciliberti

Membership Director

Shelby Stanley


Tina Ulman is a UNLV graduate and Las Vegas resident of 10 years. She is currently the Brand Manager for Old Pal, the state’s top selling cannabis flower. Old Pal is a multi-state brand under a licensing partnership with Flower One, the largest cultivator in Nevada. 

Tina recently formed the Chamber of Cannabis with four of her industry colleagues. She resides as President and has been a prominent voice for cannabis reform in Nevada for the past 2 years. Most recently she served as the Director of Development for Las Vegas NORML where she traveled to Washington DC and Carson City to meet with legislatures in 2019 to voice the concerns of Nevadans. Tina was awarded 2020 Cannabis Activist of the Year for Las Vegas and recognized as one of the most influential women in cannabis by Vegas Cannabis Magazine. 

Tina is working closely with her representative, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, on reforming the current DUI law, social consumption venues and expunging records. One could absolutely say she is “living her dream.”

Dani Baranowski is a passionate cannabis advocate and multipotentialite focused on changing the stigma surrounding cannabis. She is currently Lead Sales and Operations Specialist at State Flower Cannabis and Valhalla Confections, a vertically integrated cannabis company and multi-state operator. She has had the opportunity to educate consumers all over the world in her roles in the cannabis industry from Canada, to Columbia, to Croatia. Speaking and sharing her cannabis knowledge across several platforms has allowed her to perpetuate her passion for changing the world with holistic healing.

Dani has been a “High Times Cannabis Cup Judge,” panelist for “Women in Weed,” and a moderator for “Patient Advocacy” and “Vape Safety” at an international convention. Prior to legalization, Dani was charged with felony cannabis possession and was afforded a lucky plea deal that changed her life, allowing her to thrive and cultivate success in this industry. She advocates for allowing the same opportunity to others who have been unjustly penalized for cannabis.

Ashley Ciliberti was born in Las Vegas and is heavily involved in her community. She is a mother and holistic healthcare advocate, and she has built a career on those foundations. She has been in the cannabis industry for almost four years and is a vocal supporter of accurate testing, cannabis reform, ethics and integrity, and lab credibility. She has continued to foster those cannons as Director of Business Development for NV Cann Labs, a minority-owned cannabis lab in Nevada. Simultaneously, she also provides educational platforms and opportunities for clients and the community alike by regularly engaging in cannabis activities and with cannabis organizations throughout the industry including NORML and Women’s Grow. 

Prior to working in cannabis, Ashley worked in chiropractic healthcare and created a self-help website focusing on mental health and positive self-esteem. Ashley has seen firsthand how holistic and cannabis treatment can change lives, including her own sons. She is dedicated to having a powerful voice and continuing to advocate the benefits of cannabis. Ashley is committed to helping shape the industry, while encouraging more opportunity for minorities and females.

Shelby Stanley has a commitment to doing anything she can to help growers and producers bring safe, legal cannabis to the market has driven Shelby Stanley’s career with Digipath Labs since 2014. As Operations Manager, Shelby ushered clients through the testing and reporting processes quickly and professionally, delivering on time, every time. Shelby also helped with the passage of Question 2, the 2016 initiative that legalized recreational cannabis in Nevada, she is an active member of the NCIA. She helped start LV Women Grow chapter and spoke at Millennials in MJ panel and CBD.io convention. In 2014 Dan, Shelby’s stepfather was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. What was a profession she was extremely passionate about, became very personal for her. The Nevada industry and its licensee showed so much love and compassion to him, that her passion for the plant was fueled intensely. Together her and her stepfather created diaries documenting all cannabis products being used and its affects, to better tailor her regiment with the plant.

With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence Shelby helped Digipath Labs become a leader in the industry. In July of this year Shelby started her own advising company Dandee, LLC which is dedicated to helping all license with anything they could need help within regulations, site audits on facilities from scientific background gained with Digpath Labs. Shelby has been in the industry for 6 years November 1st and continues to have the same passion and dedication to regulations in the Nevada industry!





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Christina Lowery, Sales & Marketing Leader

Micheal Mills, Vice President of Sales, HS Brands International

Kelbi Thompson, Technical Writer, 3CCannabis

Tazia Farmer, Owner Pualani Products

Asia Duncan, Founder CEIC, Harvest Foundation Director of Operations

Brianna Zemel, Director of Procurement, Mendem

Rebecca Perrick, Owner RP Collaborations

Grace Pederson, AGM, Green Thumb Industries

Kayleigh Shea, Director of Research or LGBTQ Voices

Christina Thomas, Director of Veteran Voices

Kouanin Cantwell, Owner, Greenlife Productions

Steve Cantwell, Owner, Greenlife Productions

Lisa Apodaca, Owner, The Higher Source

Alyssa Gorham, Owner, The Higher Source

Maryanne Sawser, Owner, The Higher Source

Shannon Dorn, Owner & Photographer Dope Photo

AJ Gerst, Director of Procurement, Treehouse

Jordan Pilkington, Director of Operations, Treehouse

Tiffany Rose Retail Manager, Treehouse

Nicole Buffong, President Minorities for Medical Marijuana

Bri Padilla, Owner BP Editing

Chryss Adams, Hospitality Experience Manager, Medmen

Christian Santstevan, Manager, Essence Durango

Nikky Myers, Director of Cosmeceuticals, AION Therapeutics 

Henson, Nguyen, Brand & Online Marketing Specialist, Panna

Joey Posney, High Time Magazine

Brandon Cotner, Clean Hits Pipe Cleaner

Melinda Brown, THC Production

Ryan Roberts, Inventory Manager, CannaStarz

Andrea Carter, Cannabis Marketing 

Ethan Martin, Operations, Show Grow & Artis 

Jodeci Gonzalez, Owner Jade

Frankie Soken, USC

Anna Spelleri, Marketing Manager, PAX Labs

Ryan Roberts, Inventory Manager, CannaStarz

Full Time Tony, Owner, Culture & Cannabis 

JC Coates, Owner Culture & Cannabis

Leilani Bernardo, Owner, Culture & Cannabis

Chuck Sicuso, Videographer, Culture & Cannabis

Jodeci Gonzalez, Owner Jade
Tiffany Watkins, Owner of Vanguard Media
Justin Bloom, Sales Manager Roar
Andrew Kellogg, Owners Del Mar Media
Ariana James, Influencer
Fernando Salmeron, Partner Bounti
Wade Braggs, Director of Sales Bounti
Dan Hauasmann, Business Consultant Venture HR

David Salzberg, Owner, Radseedco

Barbara Fox, Operations Director, Cannabiz Supply

Brandon McMullen, Project Director, The Calico Group

Xavier Stokes, GM, Medizin

Tyler Johnson, Financial Advisor, Westpac Wealth

Christopher Stalnaker, Owner, Furtherance Advisors

Monique Ridgeway, Event Marketing, Rove Brands

Kate Enright, Manager, Verano

Krishna H Kishore, Cannabis Chef, TheHKLife LLC

Sam Carboni, Social Media Manager, Puff It Up

Tyler Prough, Sales Manager, Cann & Rokin Vapes

Ryan Reddy, Foreman

Landon Cohen, Super Bowl 49 Champion, Patriots

Myau Jenkins, Owner, Dynamic Occupational and Physical Therapy, LLC

Todd Rosales, Business Development Manager, SpringBig

Matthew Streich, Client Success Manager SpringBig

Thomas Shaw, VP of Brands, SpringBig

Shamus Flynn, Attorney, Flynn Giudici, PLLC

Daniel Giudici, Attorney, Flynn Giudici, PLLC

Christopher Stalnaker, Owner, Futherance Advisors

Bruce Martin, Owner, Keepers of Hemp

Nandi Shange, Owner CannaCakeBabe

Spencer Arns, Director of Sales, Wyld

Chef Stacey Dugan, Owner, Simply Pure

Kristopher Brown, Sales

Nathan Van Treese, Owner, GreenCross Farmacy, Fallon NV

Brian Yauger, CEO Lemon Haze Golf Tournament

Sean Luse, Owner Nuleaf, Former President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Berkeley

Sam Rodriguez, Director of Sales, Nuleaf & Nuleaf Tahoe

Brian Marsh, Chef, Aether Gardens







EDITOR IN CHIEF | Brooke Eastham





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